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Leather Cutting

To add further value for our customers, the supply chain can be organised to deliver leather as cut parts.

Automated cutting makes the optimum use of the natural shape of a hide, producing the maximum number of components with minimum waste - and all at a fixed price.

The latest laser-guided technology lets us cut with precision and allows for a just-in-time supply of leather parts.

We use state of the art computer-controlled cutting machines, complemented by a team of highly skilled hand cutters. Traditional craftsmanship and expertise work alongside modern technology to guarantee the highest quality. After inspection the leather parts are packed in the order you specify ready for delivery straight to your sewing department.

Deliveries can be made by grouping pre-cut parts together by project to ensure that clients are never short of leather. There’s no need to maintain a minimum stock-holding – a key benefit for our clients’ cash flow.

Many of our customers also take advantage of our large sewing facility, located alongside our cutting operation. As you would expect, our sewing department can provide the advice and assistance you need in getting your new model ready for your upholstery department.

If you are interested in cut leather parts for your upholstery, aviation, automotive or marine project or would like more information, please get in touch with a member of our team.

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