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Element Faux Leather

A unique faux leather, with a metallic look. 

Seating, headboards or panelling detail, the Element range consists of beautifully natural tones which add a touch of glamour to any design scheme.

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Added Easy Clean properties mean that most stains can be removed from Element using a simple soap and water solution. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties also mean that Element offers a different finish for environments that need additional hygiene measures.

Using Element in Healthcare Design

Neutral tones with a beautiful finish, add a comforting finish into healthcare seating with Element faux leathers. Added anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties means that Element is ready to help create relaxing seating across the healthcare sector. Element is also able to be cleaned with bleach and alcohol, please refer to cleaning and care advice.

Using Element in Hospitality Design

The metallic look finish of Element allows you to add detail into a design on bar panelling, hotel headboards as well as seating, as with all Yarwood ranges, Element comes Crib 5 as standard.

Using Element in Marine Design

Element meets IMO Part 8 fire regulations for indoor marine seating. Use Element throughout the cabin or on-board larger vessels, bring the metallic look into public spaces, bars and restaurants.

Using Element in Residential Design

Ottomans, chaise longues or banquette seating, bring a touch of glamour into home seating with Element. With Easy Clean properties, Element can be cleaned with soap and warm water, meaning common household stains can be treated.

Using Element in Workplace Design

Bring a more social feel into workplace design, Element is suited to breakout stools and seating, desk panelling or even work canteen areas.

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Bleach Cleanable


Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal Properties


Easy Clean Properties