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A cracked, matte leather with a warm colour palette, a firm favourite for upholstery.

Mustang is a type of leather known as a pull-up leather. Pull ups are characterised by their soft wax finishes which have a degree of mobility so that when tensioned, the contrasting base colour “pulls up”. This effect creates unique seating, full of character.

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Mustang’s colour palette includes warm tones which embrace the natural leather charm, with both classic neutrals and vibrant colours available to make unique seating.

Using Mustang in Hospitality or Contract Design

A popular choice for seating throughout bar and restaurant designs. The combination of vivid and traditional tones means Mustang is chosen for seating in country pubs, chain restaurants and boutique hotels.

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Using Mustang in Marine Design

Onboard bars and restaurants can embrace the Mustang look. The natural tones and texture of Mustang brings the outdoors in, making guests feel more relaxed and at home.

Using Mustang in Residential Design

A well-loved range for furniture retailers, Mustang creates seating for the home that will age gracefully. Home studies, bedrooms and even kitchen banquette seating have also featured Mustang, the character and individuality of the range help to create a comfortable yet unique feel for the home.

Using Mustang in Workplace Design

Creative hubs, welcoming reception spaces or boardroom areas, Mustang brings charm to the workplace. More traditionally a residential look, the natural tonality of Mustang brings a relaxed feel to these spaces.

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