Cambridge is a two-tone leather rich in texture with depth of character.

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Cambridge is a two-tone leather, made using an earthy palette for the base colour, with a darker, contrasting tipped effect colour applied too.

Cambridge is supplied on slightly smaller hides, but providing the panel sizes are designed and engineered from a yield optimisation point of view Cambridge could reward you with the best commercially priced furniture in the market today.

The Cambridge range, with its high degree of contrast, can be used to great effect on a leather and fabric combination suite, typically referred to as a “collars and cuffs” model. Cambridge works equally well on its own, but can be used in combination with complimentary textile cushions, which gives an air of sophistication and an abdunance of character.

Flame Retardancy is one of our core attributes and Cambridge doesn’t miss out, with UK contract specification Crib5 and International Maritime Organisation IMO A652.16 both featuring as standard.



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