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Vintage Faux Leather

Vintage evokes feelings of comfort to create welcoming, relaxed spaces.

A combination of neutrals, warm classic tones and vibrant colours make up the Vintage faux leather range.

Easy Clean properties make Vintage simple to care for keeping the desired look long-lasting.

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Using Vintage in Healthcare Design

Bring in a homely feel into healthcare seating with the distressed leather look of Vintage faux leather. Waiting areas, care home seating or any seating that needs added anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties can use Vintage.

Using Vintage in Hospitality Design

Bring the distressed leather look into bars, restaurants and hotels. Meeting contract fire standard Crib 5, Vintage can add character to wall and bar panelling as well as seating.

Using Vintage in Marine Design

Vintage creates a relaxed feel more commonly seen in the home onboard. Meeting IMO Part 8 fire regulations for indoor marine seating, Vintage is ideal for public spaces on larger marine designs or for lounge areas on smaller boats.

Using Vintage in Residential Design

A distressed leather look in classic and modern tones, ready to be turned into seating for the home; home office seating, window bench seating or kitchen banquettes.

Using Vintage in Workplace Design

The relaxed look of Vintage brings in a homely finish to workplace design. Networking spaces, modular seating or even work canteen areas would suit the Vintage look.

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Distressed Leather Look


Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal Properties


Easy Clean Properties