NappaTex leather is named after its advanced composition of high quality Nappa leather and high performance textile layer. NappaTex is the next generation of high performance leather coatings.

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The combination of soft Nappa leather and high performance textile layer gives NappaTex class leading performance and digital design with the durability, maintainability and luxury of leather.

NappaTex starts with our high performance Nappa leather. We tan and dye the leather before going through our patented fire proofing process. We carefully select our hides and only use the very highest quality for all NappaTex articles. We carefully grade out all holes, brands, humps and scars to ensure a perfectly clean surface. Once the leather has been dried we add our high performance textile. The textile layer can have virtually any surface design and using our laser droplet technology we can transfer your design to the fabric layer; you can always skip the design part and have a clear top layer, the original high performance NappaTex leather. It is fire retardant to UK contract specification Crib5, BS7176 medium hazard contract upholstery for public places and IMO upholstery.

Leather is traditionally viewed as a luxuriously ostentatious product and no product lives up to this better than a Nubuck leather. Nubucks with their soft gentle brushed pile are comparable to velvets in their aesthetic qualities. However, Nubucks have traditionally been feared over the years for their perceived difficulty to keep clean and maintain. NappaTex changes that, with stain resistance built into its high performance top coat. Spills and stains from everyday life as are as easy to clean up as the traditional harder wearing pigmented leathers, but with all of the comfort of NappaTex.