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Treated with our Sanitized anti-bacterial and anti-fungal process as well as Crib 5 and IMO fire regulations as standard. 

This process enhances Dollaro’s functionality and performance, making it suitable for all upholstery applications, including healthcare, marine, office and hospitality.

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The Dollaro faux range is available in a wide range of colours making it the consistent choice in faux leathers, if you can’t find your desired colour choice in our stocked range, get in touch to explore our Bespoke Colour Service.

Using Dollaro in Education Design

Available in vibrant tones, passing fire regulation Crib 5 and being a high-performing faux leather, Dollaro is perfect for education seating from primary school through to university accommodation and break out spaces.

Using Dollaro in Healthcare Design

Being treated with our Sanitized treatment, Dollaro is inherently anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. This treatment prevents the growth and proliferation of bacteria and fungi on Dollaro. Dollaro is used for seating in healthcare settings, such as GP and hospital waiting rooms, dentist chairs and seating throughout care homes. Calming and fresh tones are suitable for creating a welcoming, safe space for patients.

Using Dollaro in Hospitality Design

Crib 5 regulations are met as standard with all our faux leathers, Dollaro is used widely across bars and restaurants seating and hotel seating and headboards. A variety of classic and on-trend tones are suitable for bench seating, bar stools or lobby seating.

Using Dollaro in Marine Design

Meeting IMO Part 8 fire regulations, Dollaro is suitable for indoor seating in marine design, the wide range of tones including neutrals through to metallics mean Dollaro is suitable for a homely canal boat interior all the way to headboards or public seating in a cruise liner.

Using Dollaro in Residential Design

More than traditional home seating, Dollaro can also be used for headboards, kitchen banquette seating or window seating. The colour palette offers opportunities to be creative in the home.

Using Dollaro in Workplace Design

Breakout seating, bench seating and task seating, our faux leathers provide the leather look across the workplace.

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