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16 June 2020

How to safely disinfect your faux leather

A quick and simple guide to ensuring you have safe faux leather seating in your existing and future designs.

It is important to note that this guide applies to the following Yarwood Faux Leather ranges, Churchill, Dollaro, Element, and Vintage, please always refer to the technical and care information provided for each product. Any cleaning chemicals should also be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidance.

General care for your faux leather should already be a part of any cleaning regime, regardless of the pub, office, or residential design. A more intense disinfecting of seating is more common for the healthcare sector, where the demands for sterile environments are higher.

With the global pandemic of Coronavirus attention has now turned to how we can keep all our seating as hygienic as possible, regardless of the setting.

General disinfecting

As with our hands, soap and water are the easiest way to disinfect faux leathers, with COVID-19, warm water and soap will destroy the structure of the virus and therefore prevent the spread.

Chemical disinfecting

Dependent on the faux leather range, ethanol based alcohols or bleach disinfectants are able to be used (in accordance with cleaning and care instructions) to disinfect and remove severe stains.

Three simple steps to disinfect your faux leather

    1. Clean with 1:1 mix of alkaline soap and water.
    2. Disinfect with bleach or ethanol based alcohol –
      Dependent on the range, refer to specific range care information for disinfecting options.
    3. Rinse with water and then dry with a cotton cloth.

It is important to rinse and dry after disinfection to remove any chemical residue. This ensures that the finish of the faux leather will not be damaged by harsh chemicals.

For more information, please refer to our Technical Data Information for each range.

Posted by Laura Wood