19 October 2017

Embossed Leather

Embossed Leather gives a creative & luxury feel to a piece, without being over excessive and over facing to its observers – Embossed Leather allows for extensive designs and uses. Here are a few of our favourite wild & wacky ways in which to use the finish. One of the more sought-after qualities of embossing leather is the personalisation the finish can give to any given product.

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Yarwood leather post 1

Interiors / 

Interior design possibilities are almost limitless when it comes to design and innovative ways of creating something new and exciting. Embossed leather effects on the architectural scale are truly fascinating and the potential it holds really are weird and wonderful.


Fashion /

From High-end to High-street, it’s unsurprising that patterned leather has made its way (timelessly, of course) into the fashion world. From ‘snake print’ shoes to cracked leather Mulberry Bags, there will always be room for an extravagant & avant-garde trend in the wacky world of fashion.

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Business Cards /

With first impressions being formed within the first 7 seconds of meeting someone, it is not hard to understand why people are striving to give themselves that extra edge. Que big, bold & brassy business cards to catch the eye of the beholder and create a lasting impact. Check out some ways to ‘etch’ embossed leather into your business proposal and seal the deal.

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Journals /

The more classical place to have found an embossed leather style design; on an old, mysterious diary. A real treat to get your hands on an authentic journal, here are some enduring examples of intricate designs based around new & old inspirations of times passed.

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