23 July 2018

Colour Trend: Orange

When designing seating or interior spaces, orange is a surprisingly versatile colour.

In the Pantone Fall 2018 Colour Trend Report, Russet Orange features, “this forest floor orange speaks to earthen warmth.” Bringing in feelings of warmth and sunshine, orange tones can easily be encorporated into seating as an accent colour, think cushions or piping detail.

Another trait of orange is promoting creativity, a perfect choice to combine with classic, neutral tones in a workplace environment.

In hospitality projects, orange tones promote a social, fun atmosphere, whilst also being stimulating to the appetite, perfect for bars and restaurants, perhaps not as good for patrons waistlines.

This Gourmet Burger Kitchen restaurant in Glasgow features one of Yarwood Leather’s orange tones, Burnt Orange, which was used to create booth seating throughout the restaurant. The rustic orange shade, with stitched back detail, works perfectly with the industrial interior.

Yarwood Leather offers orange tones in both the popular pigmented leather range Style and its complementing faux leather range Dollaro.

As part of Yarwood Leather’s bespoke colour service, a new orange shade, Pumpkin has been created for hospitality projects in Yarwood Leather’s Mustang range.

Thinking of using orange tones in your next seating project…

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Posted by Laura Wood