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Twenty2 Degrees

Always looking to create fresh schemes and concepts, the team at Twenty2 Degrees Design Partnership were tasked with creating a guestroom set for the 2019 Sleep & Eat event.

The Concept

No two guests are the same. Dance, Sleep, Work, Play – we are creating a flexible space for the social, a haven for a guests stay.

Distorted riffs softened with plush fabrics, warm timbers set against a vibrant zing, a hotel room that’s more than one thing.

The Space

When visiting a hotel, not all guests require all elements, a desk, for instance. The team at Twenty2 Degrees had this flexibility at the forefront of the design, with the different elements being easily available to be brought out or hidden away as required to enable the guest to personalize their guestroom experience.

Twenty2 Degrees Guestroom

Yarwood Leather’s Mustang Lagoon was chosen for different elements of this design and showcases how leather can be used for more than just seating.

Hotel Headboard

Paired with natural wood and vibrant cushions, the rustic, lived-in look of Mustang adds character to this space.

Drawer Liner

A desk, a DJ deck, a dining table, this pull out glass-topped drawer has a multitude of uses, depending on the guest. Mustang Lagoon was again used for the lining of the drawer, the colour contrast works perfectly with this guitar!


A place to store your possessions, a minibar, or just something nice to look at whilst in the guestroom, Mustang Lagoon was used for shelving in the space.

Wardrobe Liner

Tying in with the scheme, even the insides of the wardrobes are lined with Mustang Lagoon leather!

Project Details

Design: Twenty2 Degrees Design Partnership

Leather: Mustang Lagoon

Photography: Will Stanley

Posted by Laura Wood