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Hollywood Bowl, York

Let’s take a tour around York Hollywood Bowl.

Designed by the GIA Ltd team, the space brings together a mix of vibrant tones to create a playful design, perfect for the Hollywood Bowl brand.

Time to Dine

Pre or post bowling, grab a bite to eat with the gang.

For fixed seating in the dining area, the GIA team chose the deep tone of Mustang Ocean for the base with a gradient finish for the fluted backs. Bottle, Ocean, Emerald and Lagoon all help to create this effect, which brings a quirky finish to the dining space.

Party time

A staple in any Hollywood Bowl is the party area. Bringing fun, good times and practicality, this design by GIA includes rich red tones in a gradient effect on fluted back bench seating. Orchid, Claret and Oxblood from our Mustang range can be seen on the seating backs, with Oxblood on the seat pads.

Let’s Bowl…

The main attraction is of course the bowling! Heading to the lanes, bench seating features the bright tones of Mustang Orchid and Claret. The GIA team used our leather debossing service to add branding to the seating.

The VIP Experience

Comfy sofas greet VIP bowlers, upholstered in our Mustang Oxblood with piping detail in Mustang Tan.

Celebrate the win

Two-seater sofas in our Mustang Tan include fluted back seating. The perfect place to enjoy a post-match drink and debrief.

The perfect space for kids, families or even a team night out, we can’t wait to hit the lanes.

Project Details

Design: GIA Ltd

Leather: Mustang in Bottle, Claret, Emerald, Lagoon, Ocean, Orchid, Oxblood and Tan

Photography: Provided by GIA Ltd


Posted by Laura Wood