All Luv Dub

Fancy travelling to your wedding in style?

All Luv Dub specialise in bespoke VW vehicles, which are beautifully restored and customised to provide wedding transportation.

Yarwood Leather have been working with All Luv Dub on their latest vehicles, to create stunning seating which is picture perfect for any big day.


1967 Splitscreen Campervan featuring Yarwood Leather’s Faux Leather Dollaro in Ivory

1967 VW Splitscreen CamperVan 4

1967 VW Splitscreen Campervan 2                                                                                                                 1967 VW Splitscreen Campervan 3


1972 VW Beetle featuring Yarwood Leather’s Faux Leather Churchill in Ash

1972 VW Beetle

1972 VW Beetle 2                                                                         1972 VW Beetle 3


VW T25 Pick Up Truck featuring Yarwood Leather’s Cambridge in Conker

VW T25 Pick Up Truck_YarwoodLeather_CambridgeTan2

VW T25 Pick Up Truck_YarwoodLeather_CambridgeTan                                                                                       VW T25 Pick Up Truck_YarwoodLeather_CambridgeTan3

If you would like to learn more about All Luv Dub, you can visit their website or follow them on Instagram.


Posted by Laura Wood